About WRD

All our home decor products are made from a variety of reclaimed wood, solid oak scotch whiskey barrels, discarded construction timber, old pallets and driftwood, all upcycled and beautifully crafted in a range of totally unique products suitable for any household.

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It is important to use that the character of the wood is kept and not sanded away. A four stage sanding process is used to preserve this aged character. The result is a durable piece of furniture that combines functionality, practicality and unmatched beauty.

Our lovingly crafted products give you the opportunity to have this wonderful, aged, material in your home no matter where you live. The presence of these beautifully crafted wooden objects will not only bring joy to you and those that see them, wood also has a calming effect on the mind and promotes wellbeing.

Solid Commitment, Solid Quality, Solid Value, Solid Choice, Solid Service.